Our Wishlist

Donations of supplies and equipment are always needed and always appreciated. To arrange delivery or request pick up, please contact us or call (410) 651-2424.

Your donated item helps us keep our costs down and save more lives.

Office Supplies

Computer, copier, fax, machine, printer paper, packing tape, stamps.

Havahart traps

Humane 2 door Cage Traps for Cats.

Animal Carriers

Keeps pet safe when you need to move from one transport to another.

Pet Shampoo

We use Dawn Dish soap which kills fleas.

Bedding for Cats

Leashes and Collars

Cat Litter


Surgical Instruments


Other ways you can help!

There are many ways to support the Humane Society. Here are some things you can do to help:

Become a Member

Your membership supports our efforts

Wish List

Donations of supplies and equipment are always needed.

Adopt a Pet

The HSSC socializes animals and provides complete vet care.

Foster Care

We rely on foster care to socialize our cats and dogs before introducing them into new homes.