Our Adoption Policy

Care and Treatment

The Humane Society requires that all adopted animals receive loving care and intelligent, informed treatment in their adoptive homes. The Society reserves the right to make follow-up calls or visits to assure that such standards are met.

The Society is ready to provide advice, assistance and training on a continuing basis to help ensure that the animals, their owners, and the Society have a rewarding and healthy pet ownership experience.


The Humane Society requires that all adopted animals receive regular immunizations for distemper as medically advisable, and rabies as required by law. You will receive a shot record of the adopted animal.

Waiting Period

The Humane Society requires a waiting period of forty-eight (48) hours from the time you select an animal to the time of the actual transfer of ownership and custody of the animal.

Adoption Fee

The Humane Society requires a non-refundable donation of sixty ($60) dollars for each cat or kitten adopted through us. The donation helps to offset administrative and medical costs. We ‘microchip’ all of our cats prior to adoption. The donation helps to cover the microchip costs.


The Humane Society recognizes that not every adoption will work. We give you seven (7) days to get to know your new pet. You may return your pet within the seven-day period and pick another one if you like. The adoption fee will not be refunded.

If you return your pet after seven days, the adoption fee will not be refunded and you may pick another pet only if you pay another fee.
Beyond the seven-day period, if you determine that you can no longer care for your pet, it must be returned to the Humane Society. No adoption fees will be refunded.


While the Humane Society endeavors to ensure that all animals offered for adoption are healthy, it is your responsibility to obtain informed medical advice immediately after the adoption takes place.

Adoption Application

The adoption process starts with an application.