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The Humane Society of Somerset County, Maryland
Our mission is to prevent cruelty to animals, promote respect for their intrinsic value, eliminate pet overpopulation and enhance the bond between humans and animals.
Spay & Neuter
We partner with local veterinarians to conduct low-cost spay and neuter clinics. You must register to get on our wait list.
TNR stands for Trap, Neuter, and Return. We control overpopulation by trapping and sterilizing feral animals. We return the animals to safe places where they receive proper care. If you are feeding stray cats, you can request TNR.
Increasingly the Humane Society is called on to rescue abused and neglected animals. We work with local enforcement agencies to document and intercede in instances of animal abuse or mistreatment. We supervise the care and rehabilitation of injured animals.
We socialize rescued animals so that they can be adopted.
Two kittens were rescued from an abandoned building in Crisfield. They were tested for diseases, treated for minor wounds, parasites and infections, vaccinated, and neutered by the Humane Society.
Named Ashton and Keauna, the kittens were adopted and grew into secure healthy adults. Adoption is our goal for every rescued animal. The Humane Society rescues hundreds of animals every year.
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