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The Humane Society of Somerset County, Maryland
Our mission is to prevent cruelty to animals, promote respect for their intrinsic value, eliminate pet overpopulation and enhance the bond between humans and animals.
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Rescue a Cat with a Tee-Shirt
Artisan Tee-shirt by Randy Raintree $14
Randy DeVries, aka Randy Raintree, prints tee-shirts for animal rescue groups, including Habitat for Horses, Protectors of Animals, and PetFinder.
Randy uses a screen printing technique that he developed over 30 years. He creates a rich layered print that is uniquely his.
We're pleased to offer you our very own Randy Raintree edition, a green-eyed tabby on a sturdy black cotton tee.
100% of the proceeds from your purchase go to rescued animals and managed feral colonies. Thank you for your support!
Tee-shirt Size $14
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