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The Humane Society of Somerset County, Maryland
Our mission is to prevent cruelty to animals, promote respect for their intrinsic value, eliminate pet overpopulation and enhance the bond between humans and animals.
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Summer 2016
Spay and Neuter Grant for 600 Cats
The Humane Society of Somerset County, Inc. has received a grant from the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) to cover the cost of spay and neuter for 600 cats for low income households in Somerset County. To accomplish this important work, we have partnered with Spay Spa Neuter Nook, a high quality Sterilization clinic in Davidson, Maryland.
The grant money covers the cost of the surgery and a rabies vaccination as required by law. Other services performed at the time of surgery include a brief exam, treatment for fleas, distemper vaccination and medication if the cat should happen to need it.
If you meet the requirements please call 410-651-2424 and leave a message. We will return your call and we will schedule your cats for treatment. We try to schedule clinics twice monthly. Please take advantage of this opportunity to make your pet healthy and reduce the overpopulation of cats in Somerset County.

You Can Help
The Humane Society runs on 100% Volunteer Power. On any given day there are volunteers in the field trapping feral cats for TNR, transporting cats to and from the vet's office, conducting low-cost spay/neuter clinics, or the hardest job of all, playing with kittens. No, really! The most important volunteer position of them all is kitten handler. In fact, the Humane Society is looking for kitten handlers right now. We call them foster care providers. Think you can do it? Find out by visiting the Foster Care page on our web site.
Instant Volunteer
Here's a way that you can volunteer for the Humane Society right this instant. Tell your animal-loving friends about us.
From everyone at the HSSC, thank you!
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