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The Humane Society of Somerset County, Maryland
Our mission is to prevent cruelty to animals, promote respect for their intrinsic value, eliminate pet overpopulation and enhance the bond between humans and animals.
Friends of HSSC
Links to our friends and partners.
Special Thanks To...
...Brenda Evans, who brought us a truckload of goodies for the flea market.
...Betty Bradshaw, of Crisfield, who gave us at least 10 boxes of household items.
Donations for the flea market can be taken to our flea market stand at Flea Market 13 and Antiques on US Route 13 South in Pocomoke. Open Saturdays and Sundays from 8AM until 4PM.
...Sharon Harris, owner of the Ace Hardware store in Princess Anne, who shows cats for us that are up for adoption and who sold at least half of the tickets for our scooter raffle and let us hold the drawing for the raffle there.
..."Puff" Puffinburger, owner of Puff's Place in Crisfield, who lets us park our van in his lot, posts all the fliers we give him, has a donation jar on his counter and also sold scooter tickets.
Thank you!
Community Support
logo Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore

$4,000 For Vet Fees

The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore awarded The Humane Society $4000 in November, 2013 to help pay for unanticipated vet fees. By mid-March, 2014 the Society had spent all but 4 cents of it on severely injured and really sick cats. Some vet fees eventually climbed to $500 to almost $1,000 per animal until they were better. One was Pepe with an amputation, now healing and adopted!

Support from the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore enabled The Humane Society to rescue, treat and place cats that would otherwise have been lost.

Thank you!

logo The Snyder Foundation for Animals

Thank you!

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