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The Humane Society of Somerset County, Maryland
Our mission is to prevent cruelty to animals, promote respect for their intrinsic value, eliminate pet overpopulation and enhance the bond between humans and animals.
Humane Society Meetings
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The Humane Society meets at Saint Elizabeths Church
every second Monday at 6 PM.
About Us
A small group of concerned residents formed the Humane Society when they saw a need to manage Somerset County's growing number of stray cats. Today the organization is a network of members and volunteers who care for rescued and ownerless animals and who find homes for adoptable cats and dogs.
Population Control
We control overpopulation by trapping and sterilizing feral animals. We release the animals in safe places where they receive proper care. We also partner with local veterinarians to conduct low-cost spay and neuter clinics.
Animal Rescue
We respond daily to concerns ranging from lost pets to suspected animal cruelty. We are "first responders" in the rescue and care of companion animals in Somerset County.
Foster Care and Adoption
We place animals into foster homes until we can find permanent homes for them. We provide vet care, including spaying or neutering, for all of the animals in foster care.
Outreach and Education
We give presentations to community organizations and schools in order to teach the community about companion and feral animals. We report current issues and abuse cases to the public. We testify before government agencies in support of humane legislation.
It's The Little Lights That Count
We are committed to preventing cruelty to animals, eliminating pet overpopulation and enhancing the lives of all of the animals that come into our care.
We provide important services to county residents. We provide free and low cost sterilizations and vaccinations averaging over 1,000 animal sterilizations for each of the past four years. We help with emergency vet care for low income families and relocate nuisance cats to our cat sanctuary. We rescue injured cats and dogs and find homes for abandoned animals. We operate a network of foster families for both nursing mothers and kittens. We operate a small no-kill shelter and hospital for sick animals. We manage a 300 cat sanctuary for homeless and non adoptable cats. We rescue hundreds of animals each year.
Our county is one of the smallest and has the lowest median income in the state. It is made up of mostly rural agriculture and maritime communities. We rely on grants and donations and conduct fundraising events and adoption events. We collect aluminum cans for recycling, operate a weekend flea-market and host occasional bingo games to raise critical operating funds which support our animal shelter and rescue operations. The Humane Society of Somerset County, Inc. is run entirely by volunteers.
Our primary goal is to reduce the overall population of homeless and abandoned animals in a humane way and to reduce the animal and human suffering that prevails with this situation. Our trap-neuter-and-return program (TNR) is very successful. Combined with our community cat sterilization program it is actively reducing the over-population of feral cats in our entire county. We also strive to reduce the possibility of serious disease outbreaks from both pets and homeless animals in our communities. We are dedicated to providing education on how to treat minor animal diseases to improve animal welfare.
We are an all a volunteer group ranging in age from 17 to 90 years. Each one of us is fully committed to the mission of the Humane Society. We are dedicated to the protection of all of the animals in our county so that they are free from abuse and neglect. We are now�and will continue to be�a no-kill organization and we are a model for others to follow.
Many of the animals who find their way to us have been abandoned or failed by humans multiple times. Our goal and mission is to rescue and care for them and find them good loving homes. Failure is not an option for our society.
Our Board of Directors
President Jack Mills
Vice President Gordon Christensen
Secretary Kathi Wilmoth
Treasurer June Bell
Contact Us
Contact the Humane Society by sending email to humanesocietyofsomersetcounty@yahoo.com
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